Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fighting with the Ex

I finally received a response to my most recent email to him. We went back and forth for about an hour and he still refused to tell me specifically why he wants the business income statements. I finally closed my email because I felt myself getting too anxious. I know he can't actually physically hurt me anymore but I'm still afraid of him. I was afraid to answer the phone at work for the rest of the day, its the only way he could call me. 

After some discussion with my Mum I've figured out my plan. It's a fine line to walk with a narcissist. I can't let him think that I'm still weak enough to allow him to manipulate and control me but I also can't let on that I'm strong and unwilling to put up with him non-sense any longer. 

So I waited a week and sent him the paperwork last night. He's only response was "thanks. I'm taking to my lawyers and I'll let you know." I got so angry. I'm fairly certain he can't afford a lawyer and why bother when the business hasn't even made $1000 in the last two years. I sent it to my Mum and asked when is a good time to pull out my ace card ($700 in medical coverage that could be billed to him for August 2015 to June 2016) that he doesn't know about. I don't want to fight with him and I don't think I'm asking for too much. I'll pay the debt if he gives me my business. I want this dealt with so I can serve him with the divorce papers. 

My anxiety has flared back up so I'll end today's post here.

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